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Movement & Music Classes in Mt Pleasant

Live Music and children' music education in Charleston!

This week in Music Class:

We learned to combine pitches (do, re, mi) with different rhythms (apple-apple plum plum; Plum apple, Plum apple)

Children were introduced to a ‘melodica’. It’s a keyboard that requires the musician to blow into the connected hose while pressing keys to make sound! It’s a combination of an accordion and harmonica. These are great instruments to have at home and children are welcome to bring them in once we start learning keyboard - of course we can not share these instruments since they require mouth contact. Children are recognizing high vs low pitch patterns. For example, I play: low, low, high note pattern, and they must sing it back.

This week in Movement class:

We continue to work on our focus with a basic tai chi practice. We are exploring the concept of balance and concentration with ‘tree pose’ and basic body alignment with ‘downward dog’ vs ‘plank’ pose.

I have some family friendly performances on my calendar in Kiawah, West Ashley, and IOP coming up over the next couple weeks but one of the most fun and convenient will be the July 11 farmers market at Moultrie Middle School! I will be there with my guitar students between 3:30-7pm. Children are welcome to sing some of the songs we’ve enjoyed in class thus far. Team up with some of your buddies and arrive at the same time to find confidence in singing together!

Enjoy your holidays!

Here's a summary of my July performances #charlestonlivemusic :

Friday July 7, 3-6pm

The Dinghy on IOP, solo acoustic

Saturday July 8, 6-9pm

Charleston Sports Pub West Ashley, acoustic duo

Tuesday July 11 , 3-7pm

Mt P Farmers Market at Moultrie Middle School! LowCo Suzuki Guitar students

Saturday July 15, 4-7pm

Caja de Cuerdas latin band at the Kiawah Summer Concert Series.

Sunday July 16, 11am-1pm

Gregarious Grooves Guitar & Conga duo at Charleston Pour House Farmers Market

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