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The Gregarious Grooves Trio is a vibrant musical ensemble that skillfully blends the rich traditions of Spanish, Latin, classical,  jazz, popular, and original music. The lineup features Gregory Guay, Spanish guitar; Jacob Abarbanell, conga and percussion; and Axel Rangel, bass. This trio creates a captivating fusion of sounds that transports audiences to the heart of Latin musical landscapes.


Charleston City Paper deems “Guay's delicate but lightning-fast playing is downright seductive." Rangel’s creative warm bass connects the intricate guitar melodies with masterful rhythmic tapestry of Abarbanell, bringing the beats of Afro-Cuban and Latin rhythms to life. Together, Gregarious Grooves Trio delivers a unique and immersive musical experience, taking audiences on a rhythmic journey through the soulful landscapes of Spain, Latin America, and new frontiers.

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