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Children's Music: Rhythmic Foundation, w/ Mr. Gregory

June 9, 2023

Month 1

I am enthusiastic about working with my new friends in Music and Movement & Mindfulness sessions this summer!

This week we focus on some fundamentals of Music:

  • Clapping Steady Rhythms

  • Rhythmic patterns, clapping, vocalizing, & drumming with djembes

    • 4 beats

    • apple-apple plum plum

    • Plum apple, Plum apple,

      • Plum = 1/4 note

      • Ap-ple = two 1/8 notes

        • Using Popsicle sticks or pencils (or anything!), you can use 1 stick to represent plum (1/4 note) and use 3 sticks to make a pair of 1/8 notes (apple).

          • Compose a rhythmic pattern, see below

          • Limit length to four beats using any combination of plums or apples

  • Singing Solfege: Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do (and intoducing ‘curwen hand symbols’)

  • I”ll try to update some videos here to help for your musical studies at home!

We also started some fundamentals of Movement & Mindfulness that will prep us for Yoga and Tai Chi - either of which will develop skills to transfer to nearly any athletic or physical activity, wether ballet or karate:

  • Coordinating slow movement with breath (raising arms up and down with inhale/exhale)

  • Balance poses on one foot (tree pose or flamingo pose)

  • Cross body movements

    • Extend right arm, put it behind you and grab your left foot

  • Focus: avoid distractions, wether squirrels or our neighbors

  • Breath awareness

    • Silent mediation

    • Movement

    • I like to use ommmm, or helloooooo as I find this helps with a breathing cycle and mental focus

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