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Music: Fun, work, practice, performance...

May 17, 2024 Music Class Notes

What an exciting time for kindergarten children as we approach graduation and the opportunity to perform a song together in front of family and friends! It’s been so wonderful to witness the children’s growth and to have a part in their Movement & Musical development! In all honesty, sometimes I take a little of the fun out of music in order to help the children with:

There’s this balance of fun and work that many artists will attest to, but as we enjoy practicing and playing music, our abilities increase, and then we sound good while having fun.  The children are very excited for the opportunity  to perform at graduation!

Although we have had a lot of musical instrument exploration time (glockenspiels, dulcimers, violin, ukuleles, keyboard, drums, bass) , the children agreed that we should focus on our main performance instrument for graduation.  Be sure to ask your child which instrument they chose to perform, and encourage him or her to practice and play for you at home! Obviously this helps with quality of sound, but more importantly, it helps children (any age performer) with confidence to share.

For the last couple of classes before graduation, I’ll help the children individually, as well as perform Twinkle as a group, and I”ll make sure to offer them some free time with other instruments. They seem to have a great grasp of committing to their one instrument for the performance, while believing there are no limits on what they can accomplish, musically or otherwise, if they put their minds to it!

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