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Movement & Music class notes

Coordination challenge with hacky sack and song writing with Music & Movement for children in Mt Pleasant, SC

The children continue developing breath and movement awareness as I encourage them to make some creative sounds while exhaling during yoga and tai chi. At the risk of sounding like an animal farm during yoga, the exhaled cat and cow sounds, for example, allow children to tap into focused in & out breathing with our movements. I’ve introduced ‘hacky sack’ to the children for a two (or infinitely more) challenges as a team in a small circle:

  1. Tossing: Gently toss the soft ball like a little rainbow so it lands near your neighbors foot

  2. Receiving: Trying to gently tap the ball with your knee and foot as it comes to you.

Quite challenging but immensely enjoyable!

In Music, I am impressed with the children’s’ focus and determination to learn the melody of “I’m a little teapot” on the keyboard or glockenspiel. We are also exploring songwriting (rhymes) with the theme of the school's International Night!

Mr. Gregory

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