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Children' Music Lessons in Charleston and Mt Pleasant

Boom Whackers and Singing Bowls!

In music class we used the ‘boom whackers’. These are 12-24” plastic colored tubes that are tuned to Do Re Mi….etc. We lined up in order and “whacked” and sang the scale.

Next, we worked on solfege singing Twinkle Star with the boom whackers while singing Do Do So So La La So….Fa Fa Mi Mi Re Re Do.

The middle of Twinkle is So So Fa Fa Mi Mi Re - , So So Fa Fa Mi Mi Re - ,

The songs we are singing regularly are:

  • This Little Light of Mine

  • You are My Sunshine

  • America the Beautiful

  • Sound of Music, Do a Deer….Re, a drop of golden rain...

  • Alphabet Animal Song is a goofy song I wrote that we are enjoying. Listen here.

The first 9 animals are: Aardvark, Beaver, Chipmunk, Duck Elephant, Frog, Giraffe, Hippo, and Iguana. We'll continue with that more soon!


Critical Listening

I continue to emphasize critical listening to distinguish the rhythmic differences, with my guitar, between Reggae, Blues, Flamenco, Classical, and Rock. It’s a fun little guessing game. Perhaps you can play a few songs in different styles to help them identify at home.

Catch Mr. Gregory Performing and Join him on July 11!

Consider bringing your children to enjoy hearing me or my bands play, most of my performances are at family friendly venues! Here's a calendar.

  • This Sunday, June 25, at Munkle Brewery patio, with Caja de Cuerdas latin band

  • Friday July 7, 3-6pm, at The Dinghy on IOP, solo acoustic

  • Saturday July 8, 6-9pm, Charleston Sports Pub West Ashley, acoustic duo

  • Tuesday July 11 at the Mt P Farmers Market! Children are welcome to come sing a couple of our songs! Please reach out in advance so we can agree on a time.

  • Saturday July 15, with Caja de Cuerdas latin band at the Kiawah Summer Concert Series.

  • Sunday July 16, 11am-1pm, Guitar & Conga duo at Charleston Pour House Farmers Market

More details will be shared on my musician FB page.




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