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Synchronized ’Slalom Jumping’ & Silent Tai Chi

I’d like to share concise highlights of what we focused on this week with Music & Movement classes:


  • Synchronized ’Slalom Jumping’ over our yoga mats from left to right !

  • Silent Yoga flow

  • Silent Tai Chi flow

  • Awareness of

  • Breathe

  • Core

  • Momentum

  • Gentle Movement

  • Balance

  • Following verbal and visual instructions or other cues

Music: Sing: ’Two Black Keys: C D E. Three black keys: F and G.”.

  • -Identify the notes on a keyboard by finding the pattern of two black keys.

  • -‘D’ is always in the middle of those two keys, hence C (before, to left) D, and E (after to the right).

  • Play: CDE, followed by F and G.

  • Very similar to many glockenspiels, which may not be black & white but often have rows of sharps above. They cheaper smaller glockenspiels usually lack the sharps (#).

  • Twinkle Stars starts with CC GG...same as Do Do So So.

  • Identify this at a young age with ease and many musical doors upon up!

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