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Celebrate Independence Day in Charleston

Formed in the vibrant city of Charleston, South Carolina, Holy City Groove Committee is a dynamic ensemble that brings together a diverse array of musical influences to create a unique sound that blends jazz, R&B, funk, and yacht rock. With their soulful vocals, smooth guitar riffs, funky bass lines, tight drum grooves, and sultry saxophone solos, Holy City Groove Committee delivers an electrifying live performance that captivates audiences of all ages. Their July 3 set will include a review of American Music to celebrate Independence Day!


The band's love for music and passion for creating infectious grooves is evident in every note they play, drawing inspiration from the rich musical heritage of their hometown and beyond. Led by their charismatic jazz vocalist, Ms. Kat, and Gregory with the classic oldies rock edge, the group's performances are a seamless fusion of classic soulful melodies and modern improvisation that keep listeners on their feet and coming back for more.

Whether they're serenading the crowd with a smooth jazz ballad serenade with the horn section and keyboard, getting down to a funky R&B groove to Mary’s drums and CJ’s bass, or setting sail on a yacht rock adventure, Holy City Groove Committee's infectious energy make them a must-see act in the Charleston music scene. With their engaging stage presence, tight-knit chemistry, and a commitment to delivering top-notch performances, Holy City Groove Committee is a band that is sure to leave a lasting impression on audiences everywhere.

More details coming soon:


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