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HVAC Baffle Box / DIY acoustic silencer

Updated: Aug 10, 2023

Lots of options and information online. I am using Rod Gervais 'Home Studio Recording' Build it like the Pros as my main reference and researching others' work online.

My goal was to find the JM Linacoustics R300 as he suggests but it seems impossible to source. it depends on your region.

Some other acoustically tested options I am looking at are:

JM does not actually seem that superior, and actually falls behind the other products, in a few instances.

Here's some comparisons on the NRC for various duct liner boards or liners that I am researching, and searching for in South Carolina. Click the PDF below, feel free to save and share.

Download PDF • 794KB

If you have a minute, please check out my downloads and streaming music page here.

Here's another resource that has a lot of STC data and a Home Theater post on the topic.

I recommend studying or consulting a professional Acoustic Designer, which I am not. Such as John Brandt.

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