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How to find 'Do Re Mi' on any GLOCKENSPIEL!

Sept 28, 2023 Movement & Music Notes

In Movement class, children enjoy making up their own yoga poses, as well as the opportunity to take on leadership in recalling the movements.

We continue to explore cross body exercises and behind the back movements, such as:

1) clap hands in front

2) tap hips

3) Clap hands behind back

4) Tap hips again

In Music, the children are challenged to recall the pitches of Do Mi So or Do Re Mi on command and be able to sing each pitch on command, even while I sing a different pitch! This helps children detach from the obvious ‘words’ of music and tune in to the melody. This is a work in progress, I”ll keep you posted!

This week, each child had an opportunity to strum the ukulele and even play the first few notes of Twinkle: Do Do So So, La La So….

Children are encouraged to purchase and bring a glockenspiel to class. If they have a keyboard or ukulele, that’s great as well. By the end of the year, I will introduce small keyboards, and then bring in several ukuleles after they can play Twinkle on the easier instruments.

Here are some recommendations for Glockenspiels for Children:

The cheapest acceptable one, which does not have a beautiful tone, and is smaller, is the 13 Note Glockenspiel

This one’s just a little bit bigger and better, I suggest this size one to my young Guitar students for music theory

Xylophones are wooden, and if they are properly tuned when received, can sound more beautiful than the cheap thin mental ones. I have not tried this one in particular, but would take a chance on it, and you could send it to school for me to asses during the 30 day return period. Check this one out, it's more money than the others but reasonable!

I have not personally had my hands on the above specific brands, as Amazon often chances availability, but they look like the best deals.

I have a lot of public performances, many are family friendly that I encourage you to come and enjoy with your children!

Here is my public performance calendar that includes classical guitar, my latin band, my solo acoustic at restaurants, my rock band, and some of my student performance - like the Oct. 28 Halloween Performance at the MP Mathis Ferry Library!.

Check out LowCo Suzuki Guitar on FB or IG to catch my talented private guitar students playing in #charlestonsc or #mtpleasantsc

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