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Media Services

Combining years of video audio production for my own businesses has allowed me to provide such services to other small business people that don't want to spend $10,000 on a TV add or website. If you have a small project with a modest budget - let's brainstorm your needs with some creative solutions!



Music Production & Recording

Music production for solo artists or bands. Mobile live or studio. 

Check out our latest production, 'Caribbean Breeze'. We also edit audio, provide pro audio for your video recordings. Have an audition video? Make sure your audio is top notch!


Commercial Jingles & custom composition

Making a radio or video ad and need some subtle background music or a catchy song to help clients remember your business name? Work with us to find the right sound to draw your customer in!


Web Design

Specializing in effective and affordable websites for musicians and small businesses.


Graphic Branding and Social Media

Love it or hate it - having an online prescence is essential to compete with other businesses and catch the eye of your future clients!


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