Studio Policies & Tuition

LowCo Suzuki Guitar Studio Policies & Tuition

The mission of LowCo Suzuki Guitar Studio is to provide an exceptional and fun musical education based on a nurturing family and community environment.

I encourage you to become a member of the Suzuki Association of the Americas which will give you access to parent forums and a subscription to the Suzuki journal, among other things. Please read Nurtured by Love, by Dr. Suzuki

Tuition/Fees Summary:

The standard quarterly fee for a child involved in the Suzuki program is $390 (subject to change). This typically includes 11 private lessons, group classes, jams, recitals, and online video tutorials. Private lesson slots are scheduled weekly. Tuition pays for the scheduled private slot at a fixed rate, regardless of the number of lesson days in any given month. There is no reduction in charge during holiday breaks or for your personal vacation time if this results in missed lessons. If lessons are missed or cancelled by the student for any reason, tuition will not be refunded or credited. Instructor will make every effort to reschedule a courtesy make-up lesson within the same week, but this becomes impractical if I were to have to reschedule several students. If no agreeable make-up time can be found, the lesson will be forfeited.

A lesson credit will be offered for a private lesson canceled by the Instructor for weather, teacher illness or other similar event. Instructor may find a substitute in the case of absence.

Tuition as of Jan. 2015

Winter Quarter – $390

2nd week of January Private lessons begin.

Spring Quarter – $390


Summer Quarter – $ 260 – 390*

July – Flexible/Optional but encouraged.

August – Begin Private lessons 2nd week of August. (*260 for 2/3 of Quarter)

Fall Quarter – $390

The week of Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years may result in group lessons being scheduled rather than private lessons, due to many students traveling, in the best interest of the studio so students have the chance to participate without missing a whole week due to holidays. Group lessons may be announced.

Sibling Discount – %10 discount on second sibling’s 30min lesson slot.

Registration Fee: N/A

Due Dates

Tuition Payment due at the child’s second regularly scheduled private lesson. If payment for the coming quarter has not been received by the due date, the child’s lesson slot may be made available to new prospective students and to those veteran students who wish to make a scheduling change. Quarterly payment may be split in two for an additional $10 admin fee.

Make-Up Policy – Individual Lessons Make-ups may not be given for individual lessons missed by the student. It is strongly recommended that, if you know you have to miss a lesson, you try to arrange to swap with another student, and if successful, notify the teacher of the scheduling change ahead of time. It is preferred that make up lessons occur within one week of the original time slot. If your lesson falls on a major holiday an attempt to have either a rescheduled lesson or the opportunity to participate in a group lesson may be offered. After school time slots are highly sought after and there is a limited time frame available to teach young children, therefore I ask that you consider you are not simply paying for the lesson but the actual reserved time slot, as well contributing to the overall program, group lessons, and concerts. My Suzuki mentors discussed the importance of managing a successful studio like this and shared an Economicist/Suzuki Parent’s Point of View here:

*Why don’t I make up student absences?

Teaching is my career and livelihood. When you sign up for lessons, you are reserving a weekly time slot in my schedule. If you miss your lesson, the time slot is over and gone. We can’t get time back and I am not likely to be able to schedule another student for that time. If you ask for a makeup or reimbursement the lesson, you are asking me to give up time I have scheduled for my personal life or income I have budgeted for.

Student Illness:

In the interests of keeping a safe and healthy environment for everyone in the studio, please do not bring your student to their lesson or group class under any of the following circumstances: Students who have colds are welcome to come to lessons or group classes, as long as the cold is not accompanied by symptoms such as a fever, chills or nausea, which may suggest a more serious illness. Please notify your teacher, upon arrival, if either you or your student have a cold. Thank you for your understanding on this. We all stand to benefit. Lessons that may be compromised due to weather, illness, lice, or teacher/student travel may be done as a remote lesson (Skype or FaceTime).

Home Coach Presence and Participation

Either the home coach or a responsible adult will be present for all of the child’s lessons and group classes. Please have a notebook and take notes during the lesson as new tasks are assigned.

Discussion Groups & Parent Meetings: Please attend parent meetings – it will benefit veteran parents and new parents and contribute to the community and successful of our children’s musical experience!

Performances – Attire & Timeliness Unless otherwise specified, LowCo Suzuki Guitar Studio students will be required to wear a dark gray or black skirt or slacks, and a white dress shirt or blouse to all public performances referred to as “recitals”. Other public performances will be at teachers discretion. The arrival time for all recitals and public performances is ½ hour before the scheduled start time.


Observation of, and Participation in, Another Student’s Lesson

One tenet of the Suzuki Method is that all children should be encouraged to observe and, when appropriate, be invited to participate in, the “private” lessons of other students. You are welcome to bring your child to lessons early and to stay late, in order to provide opportunities for this kind of joint learning. It must be understood, however, that even under the best of circumstances, the arrival or departure of another family can temporarily disrupt the flow of a lesson already underway. As a consequence, standards for behavior must actually be higher for those children who are observing, than for those whose lesson it is. Please, when entering the studio with your child, be mindful of the potential impact your arrival may have on the student who is already in session. If your child appears prepared to sit and observe quietly, by all means, bring them in. If, however, their mood suggests that their behavior may be difficult to manage, please wait with them in the car until the other student’s lesson is nearly finished. Thank you for your consideration.



Group Classes

Attendance: Regular group class attendance is critically important for your child’s musical development. Material missed due to late arrival or absence will be covered during the student’s next private lesson. Moreover, frequent absence, on the part of any child, has a significant negative impact on the quality of the group experience for their peers. As a consequence, group class attendance will be tracked, and a child who accumulates more than 3 “misses” (see also “No Shows:” and “Timeliness:”, below) in a given quarter may be excluded from the next studio recital. As my studio fills up over the next year I may ask families to leave the studio if they are not participating in group lessons and recitals. This participation s very important for children’s success and enjoyment..

No Shows: Make-ups will not be given for group classes missed by the student. If your child will be unable to attend a group class for any reason other than last minute illness, please let us know by the end of business the day before so that lesson plans can be adjusted accordingly.



In fairness to those who arrive on time, group classes must begin promptly, as scheduled. Also, when a teacher stops in the middle of a group class to set up a tardy student’s stool and footstool and to tune their instrument, it dramatically disrupts the class. Consequently, please arrive at least 5 minutes before the scheduled start time of your child’s group class. Any arrival after 5 minutes prior to the start of a group class will be deemed “late.” Two “lates” in a quarter will count as a “miss” for attendance tracking purposes. Any child who arrives after a group class is already underway is welcome to observe, but not participate in, what remains of the class. If you find yourself in this situation, please have your child sit with you in one of the home coach seating areas. Please do not disrupt the class by attempting to set them up yourself while class is in session.


Causes for Dismissal from continuing lessons in the studio:

Poor attendance

Failure to attend recitals

Failure to complete assignments as instructed

Non-payment or repeated late payments

Disrespectful attitude

Failure to meet minimum practice standards


By signing this document, we acknowledge that we have read, understand, and agree to adhere to all of the above policies.



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Other Expenses Required to Participate:

Guitar Tuner – clip on is best

Music Stand


Suzuki Guitar Book 1 (and consecutive books/CDs as needed)

Suzuki CD for Book 1

Suzuki Association of the Americas Membership (Quarterly Journal and online access to events)

Music Theory Book, etc, TBA.

Guitar Arts Flash Cards


Quality Instruments:

Those that are committing to the Suzuki Guitar program: I am happy to assist you in ordering or renting full size guitars for parents, as well as for students. We want to develop children’s sensitivity to quality sound and musical expression while making the learning process easier – hence the need for a quality instrument not your average $50 cheap-o guitar. I recommend Flores, Kremona, Strunal or Eduardo Moore Guitars. Guitars should go up to child’s belly button when standing up straight.

Please consider looking quickly at Suzuki Guitar instrument options and philosophy: