New Students

Our goal from the beginning will include success, quality, and fun!  

Learning the beautiful language of music has a wonderful impact on expression, creativity, concentration, self-esteem, and discipline. We also build a supportive community through regular group lessons and performances. First two lessons will be for parents only, then children will begin glockenspiel. Once parent demonstrates ability to play Twinkle Star on guitar and child plays Twinkle on glockenspiel – then children will begin guitar.  We are building a musical foundation to ensure success and fun with guitar! Parents will participate in each lesson, and then guide consistent practice, music listening, and fun at home.  Here´s more about the parent´s responsibility.

Prerequisites, in order:

Required Reading: Dr. Suzuki’s Nurtured by Love explains the approach to this fun musical education method.

Suzuki Guitar CD 

Glockenspiel: Recomended purchase at Shem Creek Music. I recommend a Wide Bar, with at least 13 keys, not a tiny cheap colored one.  Younger children benefit from learning songs/notes on this xylophone-like instrument first, then on guitar and it will help when we get to music reading.

Suzuki Book, Footstool, & Tuner
Children’s GuitarA quality, nylon string classical guitar – rent or please consult teacher before buying.  I may have used or new for sale. Solid Top Classical Guitars typically range from. $200-600. Rent: $30/Month.  I insist that we avoid the local $50 toy-like guitars for children.  They are harder to play and lack quality sound. Guitars should be as tall as the child’s belly button when standing up.
Parent’s Guitar: Classical Nylon String required. Purchase or rent.  Very helpful for a parent to learn the basics (tuning, posture, beautiful tone note names) in order to help especially younger children.
More Info Suzuki Guitar instrument options and philosophy

Studio Policies & Tuition
Includes weekly private lessons, supplemental group lessons, rehearsals, online tutorials to help with practice, casual performance opportunities at festivals or farmers markets, and formal guitar recitals (check us out on YouTube!)

Membership of the Suzuki Association of the Americas is a great option that will give you access to parent forums and a subscription to the Suzuki journal, among other things.